The Best Online Guitar Lessons for Learning to Play Guitar Fast – 2016 Reviews

Welcome! My name is Dan and I spend almost all of my free time playing guitar. After about 8 years of playing, I have gotten pretty good at it, but that wasn’t always the case. Like you, I struggled for a very long time to learn how to play guitar. I started out by trying in-person lessons, but my instructor’s teaching style and the huge cost per hour made me feel like I couldn’t continue, and that maybe guitar wasn’t for me. That is until I found the best online guitar lessons by two companies who enabled me to not only learn guitar, but get better and better every day.

Learning to play guitar online is effective, fun, and surprisingly affordable. What’s best, you can do it entirely on your own time and at your own pace. It requires being self-motivated, but if you’re really serious about learning how to play guitar, then these online guitar lessons are the way to go.

Comparing The 2 Best Sites for Online Guitar Lessons

The Best Online Guitar Lessons for Learning to Play Guitar Online - 2017 Site ReviewsThe internet is a wonderful thing. It has allowed for information and education to be presented to people around the world in a way that was unheard of only 15 years ago. This has enabled a number of companies to spring up that provide guitar lessons online over the years, and while most of them are fine, there are two leaders that stand out as being the best: Guitar Tricks, and JamPlay.

Both Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are excellent companies. They are founded and run by actual guitar players and
instructors, and they both have accumulated a large amount of educational material, resources, and video lessons that will help you to learn guitar. They are both subscription-based, meaning that you only pay to use their services for as long as you are using them. There are no cancellation fees, and I can tell you first hand that they both have incredible customer service.


Guitar Tricks




Free trial offer? 14 day free trial. No free trial.
Who is this good for? Beginner through advanced guitarists. JamPlay is also great for beginners, but I would say they are more geared for intermediate to advanced guitarists.
Lessons structure Clear hierarchical lesson structure. Follow the guided path from start to finish. Ideal for beginners.

Core learning system

Slightly less structure, but still a clear guided path to take one lesson after another depending on your goals or skill level.

Broken up into: beginner lessons, genre lessons, and song lessons.

Quality of instructors Great instructors. Many have more of a beginner-focused teaching style. Great Instructors. More eclectic and unique styles.
Cool features Track lesson progress, and be able to pick back up where you left off.  They broadcast up to 8 hours of live lessons every day.

Guitar giveaways.

Your progress is tracked automatically as you watch a lesson, and presented to you in a full Progress Report

Slow motion video playing.

Video bookmarks and looping capabilities.

Licensed songs  Guitar Tricks has over 700 popular songs that they have licensed to be able to teach you how to play.

The instructors show you every section of the song, note by note. At the end of each tutorial there’s a play-along video with a full backing band.

Hundreds of popular songs, with more added continuously every week.
Forums and Community Active forums with other guitarists and the instructors as moderators.

Live Q&A

Customer service It’s a small team, but they’re pretty great. You can tell they care about your success when you either call them up or send an email in their system. They usually respond within a few hours and will resolve any issue, or help you figure something out. Also have pretty great customer service.
 Cost  $19.95 / month after a 14 Day free Trial  $19.95 / month

Or save $50 with an annual plan.




Common Question: Which One Has the Best Online Guitar Lessons for Total Beginners?

Finding the best guitar lessons online is one thing, but the best online guitar lessons for beginners is another. In this category, GuitarTricks

Guitar Tricks’ strong point is taking beginners from start to finish, but they also have a lot of advanced techniques and songs that you can learn if you know your stuff. The 14 day free trial is a large part of what makes Guitar Tricks the favorite for beginners and people who aren’t ready to commit to a full program yet.

Once you get a bit better (and you will), you can begin going down lesson tracks that are designed to teach you more advanced skills. You can also use other online resources to find things like guitar chords and online guitar tuners to help improve your skills.

[[The Guitar Tricks Core Learning System is our third-generation guitar lesson system geared toward the first-time student and those returning to guitar after some time. This program of eight full-length courses is divided into two sections, Guitar Fundamentals and Intermediate Style Courses. Each self-paced course runs between one and eight weeks, and combined they take you from pure basics such as learning to identify the B string – to playing all the major full chord shapes music – all the way to playing guitar at an advanced intermediate level in Blues, Country and Rock.

Since each guitar style requires different techniques, each Style Course will carefully walk you through the learning process for the techniques applicable to that style.]]


Are These Really Free Online Guitar Lessons? Well Sorta

An app?

Guitar Lessons Online vs. In-Person

There are many indisputable benefits to taking guitar lessons in-person.

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